Autonomy is an independent, progressive think tank with one focus: work.

Amidst the shifting political fault lines of the world today, one thing is clear: work is still the issue. It is not an overstatement to say that in the
UK, and worldwide, we are experiencing nothing short of a crisis. For example, despite having record levels of employment (a fact that
politicians regularly draw upon), real wages are at a historic low and 'precarious' work - defined by insecurity and uncertainty - continues to
expand its share of the labour market. Perhaps even more distressing is the fact that the majority of those currently in poverty in the UK belong
to working families; in this sense we can say that work is becoming increasingly useless for its ostensible purpose - that of providing a
sufficient income for people to live comfortable lives. Coupled with this decline of the quality and sustainability of waged work, we've witnessed
what can only be described as punishments for those who exist outside of work. Drastic cuts in welfare provisions and disastrous, disciplinary
assessments that that attempt to adjudicate how 'fit to work' people with disabilities are constitute obvious symptoms of a society bent on the
enforcement of work no matter the human cost. With these tendencies in mind, it is hard to hold either the mere fact of mass employment or
the ideal of employment in high esteem.