French Riviera

Horizon Hypnotique

18 February - 26 March 2011

Monaco Magazine, Issue 2 editor Katie Guggenheim
The Human Printer by Louise Naunton Morgan
Versuch; No. 1: Notes and Projects editor Gil Leung
Art Zimbabwe 2010 catalogue
Snap! by Peter Sutherland or/and Misch Hollenbach
Grey-Blue Grain by Adam Pendleton
Berlin Los Angeles A Tale of Two (Other) Cities editors Stefano Cernuschi and Chiara Leoni
The Excuse, Issues 0 - 12 fanzines
The Panhandler's Handbook by Omar the Beggar
The Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want to Upload concept by Victor Boullet
1999 - 2009 by Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski
The Coelacanth Journal, Issue No. 6 - Restoration editor Phobe Blatton
Monsters of the Wallace by Oliver Cronk

Siân Hislop - Le Baiser

13 May - 6 June 2011

Plaster Saint by Victor Boullet
Hush My Dear 7" record
Like stupidity, Evil is self-hypnotic by Edie McKay
Chronicles Vol.2 by Kim Gordon
Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes by Rachel Cattle and Steve Richards
Science Poems edited and curated by OK Do
False Friends by Ruth Sacks
Cosey Fanni Tutti in conversation with Andrew Wheatley talk transcript
Biologia Chemia Fizyka by Waldemar Pranckiewicz, Lukasz Rusznica and Krzysztof Solarewicz
The Excuse fanzine
Did you kiss the foot that kicked you by Ruth Ewan
Selected photographs from 1960 to 1980 by Miroslav Tichy
To Have And To Hold, Issue 2 fanzine

Jon Nash - You know you're not the first

8 - 31 July 2011

Nero; No. 25 magazine
Routes 1 by Adam Murray
The Exhibitionist No. 3 edited by Jens Hoffmann
Pigxote by Harmony Korine
R G B Transferences by Pierre Le Hors
China/S75 by Petra Stavast
How To Sleep Faster edited by Tom Clark
Dondoro by Estelle Hanania
In A State by Adam Murray
Sechsundzwanzig Autobahn Flaggen by Michalis Pichler
Trace exhibition catalogue

Lucy Woodhouse - Espèces d'espaces

1 - 16 October 2011

Verities; Volume No.1: An issue of Power* magazine
God God Technology God Berlin by Maxwell Simmer
Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by George Perec
Steal This Book by Dora Garcia
The Panhandler's Handbook by Omar the Beggar
Does this concern for the welfare of others stem from the concern for the self?
Abstract Ideas, Facts and Fictions; No.2 magazine
@earth by Peter Kennard
Stanley Picker Gallery Public Lectures on Art; No. 4 by Anthony Davies and Benedict Seymour